Friday, April 30, 2010

He kicks my integrity. Everytime!

This lil dude always gets to me. I can watch this clip when I am sad, when I am mad, when I am stressed out, when I am sleepy, when I am depressed,...

.. he always moistens my lashes, kicks my integrity in the gut, and then leaves me all fueled up to 'make a difference'.

Truly an anthem, Sir!


  1. aawww... beautifull..
    yes you are right.. it does moisten your eyes..
    i remember there are so many instances when such things happen around us and we with our typical "chalta hai" and "mera kya" attitude have never done anything..
    sweet and the kid.. aww.. he's such a darling :)
    inspirational indeed :)
    thanks for sharing


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