Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Faisal Shahzad: Where's The End?

It was just a few months back that I was watching Qurbaan, and wondering why movies like this are made, and what their purpose is.

Is it just to make money by attacking a popular/infamous issue? Or is it to flick a spark in the sub-conscious of ill-minded and to give them ideas?

I was horrified by the thought process and the character justification portrayed in the movie. I won't lie: I found myself pretty shaken at some of the things they showed were happening. Best of all, the city of NY -permitted- the director for shooting some of the scariest bombing scenes in the heart of the urbia.

So when cases like this supposedly stupid suspect, Faisal Shahzad, come to light, I am forced to think that there are more such self motivated, brain washed cult following citizens of the world, who are walking around/among us, and plotting their supposed 'demise to heavens'.

That's an eerie feeling. Almost like having a snake around your body, but you can only feel it, and not see it.

And then time and again, you think: where's the end to it? You can kill people, and bodies (hell they are killing themselves up anyways). But how do you kill what still remains as a zombie: the extremism, the following, the brain washed youth who don't have enough to eat and so they unwillingly join the Madarasas (Islamic Religious Schools that provide food and clothing to those attending, similar to Christian Missionaries, although not as pure in intentions)?. (I highly recommend watching this docu-story by Sabiha Sumar to open up your perspective.)

It's a war between ways of thinking. Between cultures. Between ideologies.

How do you win this one, you smart Nuclear-Bomb-inventor-Moon-Traveler-Mars-Prober-Robot-Maker-Human-Cloner human? Huh?

Or would you say there is no war at all.. it's one group's conspiracy to maul the other so cultural/racial supremacy thrives? Is Faisal Shahzad actually guilty then? What do you trust? Who do you trust?

Suggestions welcome...

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