Wednesday, February 19, 2014

For The Man Who is Redefining Democracy for Aristotle

For The Man Who is Redefining Democracy for Aristotle


Don’t care if he doesn’t know the constitutional ways of the red tape.

Don’t care if he is acting out of bigger ambitions, and his real agenda is self fulfilment.

Don’t care if he is naive, manipulative, or an agent of the devil.

I believe in what he says he believes in.

I believe in his fallacies.

I believe in his cunning ways

I believe in his anarchist ideology.

I want to see him fail, but with a clear shot.

I endorse, in honest spirit, his efforts.

Against all odds, Arvind,

May you show history what blazing a trail is.

May you stay resilient in the face of a status quo system that has failed us.

May you fail too, but not without making every doubting Thomas and Harry face themselves first with a hard look, kind of like the ‘deikh le tu deikhte huye kaisa dikhta hai’ way.

You have my soulful support. And it will not deter. I may doubt your actions, even your intent; you may even lie. But just like the narcotic state of love, I surrender judgment and logic to this. Because I have experienced first hand how corruption distorts lives, kills fathers, dries mothers’ tears, mocks poverty, questions intent, throws bones.

May your cause win.

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