Sunday, December 1, 2013

[Turkey for Thought] Is social media creating humans?

[Turkey for Thought] Is social media creating humans?

Imagine a *real* physical social setting.

Imagine two *real* pals (not friends – just acquaintances)
One says something. Totally normal.
The other, lols (laughs out loud – for the socially challenged readers:-), winks, mocks verbally, rolls his eyes, and then winks away saying J/K (just kidding).

How many second chances do you think the ‘winker’ here would get before a punch lands on his face?

Fast forward 20 years.

Imagine the same setup. Except this time the venue is a ‘virtual’ meeting place. Say a Facebook wall. Or a Twitter homepage. Or a group’s forum. This would be a perfectly normal scenario – happening millions of times a day. Making *friends*, secretly *unfriending* old ones, secretly following *new* ones. 

What do you make of this analogy? 

Do you see, brave.r humans evolving – that are not afraid to speak their mind? Or do you see an army of careless conversationalists that are slowly forgetting how to express themselves in natural human social setups (the way it is meant to be), letting go of all inhibitions behind electronic screens that they can turn off easily?

After all – perception is reality. So we must be getting ‘smarter’ at interacting socially too. By avoiding eye contacts (because our eyes are too engaged into the portable device we have at our wobbly hands), by becoming numb to the *real* society (I witnessed an incident where a mother struggled to get off the train with a toddler and a stroller as gadget army walked right past her and at the last moment I decided to grab the crying kid with already full hands else she would be left alone on a train about to rush away…).

What are your thoughts? :-)

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