Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Comcast Saga. Yet Again:-)

Every single time.
A simple online service transfer request.
And a mound it got turned into via the exceptional Comcast virtual service.

Enjoy the details (names and numbers hidden to preserve identity) and do not forget to comment if you had a similar experience!

Problem : Order Information
Me > Order Information
Comcast Analyst > Hello _, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is . Please give me one moment to review your information.

Comcast Analyst > Welcome to Comcast! I see you are moving; that can be a very exciting and busy time.  Please give me just a couple of minutes to review the information you have submitted.

Comcast Analyst > To protect your privacy by ensuring that we do not discuss account information or make changes to your account without your knowledge and consent, may I please have the last four digit of the SSN.

Me> Ok

Comcast Analyst >
, this chat is the preliminary step of your transfer request. We will transfer all of your services. I will check the status of your account and the serviceability of your new address. Afterwards, I will ask a few questions for the necessary information needed in processing your order. I'm glad to be the one helping you in completing your request today. 

Me> Sure
Comcast Analyst >
I understand that you wanted to move to this new service address.

Is that correct?
Me> Yes.
Comcast Analyst > Can you please check and confirm if the following information are correct?
Comcast Analyst > Connect Day: XXXXXXX
Connect Time: XXXXXXXX
Comcast Analyst > Disconnect Day: XXXXXXX
Disconnect Time: XXXXXXX
Me> Yes it is correct.
Comcast Analyst > To make sure that I am looking at the right account can you verify your current service address please.
Comcast Analyst > Thank you
Comcast Analyst > Thank you
Comcast Analyst > , I can see here in your account that you have a monthly fees of $XXXX, for the XXXXXXXXXX, which already include XXXXXXXX.

Comcast Analyst > Just to set expectation, this transfer process will take 8 - 10 minutes. I would like to request for your response in a timely manner so your transfer request will be processed smoothly, accordingly and quickly.

Me> Ok
Comcast Analyst > Thank you

Comcast Analyst > Now that I'm chatting with you , please allow me to take this opportunity to recommend to you our HD Xfinity Preferred Triple Play for XXXXXXX/mo for 12 months. This package has cable service with more than 110 channels + local channels, High Speed Internet service with 12MBPS speed and Digital phone service with "UNLIMITED" Long Distance calling all over the US.

Me> No thanks, please.
Comcast Analyst > , there still an active account in XXXXXXXXX
Comcast Analyst >  I am seeing here that the address still has an active account, the current occupant has not disconnected their services yet.

Comcast Analyst > Do you have their contact number?
Me> That is correct. They will move out on/around XXXX. I move in on XXXXX.
Comcast Analyst > Ok, no worries on that we still can complete the transfer before the XXXX.

Me> I do. Would you need it? They will disconnect their services at some point betwene now and XXXX.

Comcast Analyst > All you need to do is to chat back on the XXXX.
Comcast Analyst > That is after they have completed their account disconnection.
Comcast Analyst > Im sure they are still using Comcast service.

Comcast Analyst > We dont want to disconnect them, right?
Me> I dont understand.
Me> I want to disconnect my current service, and connect at the new address.

Comcast Analyst > We are only allowed to set up 1 account per service address.
Me> And the new connection date is 'after' their move out date.
Me> I understand.

Comcast Analyst > We need to wait for their account to get disconnected.
Me> How about I give you their contact phone?
Comcast Analyst > Once they have completed the disconnect of their account on the XXXX.

Comcast Analyst > You need to chat that very same date to process your transfer of service.
Comcast Analyst > To disconnect, they will need to call Customer Support Specialists at 1-800- XFINITY or 1-800-9346489
Comcast Analyst > We at chat only process transfer of accounts.
Me> Why is such a simple process so complicated? The transfer request is for a future date, isn't it? You will not even take the transfer request?

Comcast Analyst > I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.  I can certainly understand your frustration.

Me> I dont think you do
Comcast Analyst > However, the system will only allow 1 account per address.
Comcast Analyst > As much as I wanted to transfer your account now.

Comcast Analyst > The system will automatically disconnect their service in XXXXXXXXXX
Me> See there is my confusion - why does the transfer need to happen NOW? The whole reason for a future date for the transfer is to queue in a request no?
Comcast Analyst > And we dont want to disconnect without their approval.
Me> Ok I will talk with them.

Comcast Analyst > I understand that.
Comcast Analyst > But we are not allowed to disconnect them just to complete your request.
Me> The service transfer system is flawed. Not your fault.

Comcast Analyst > Im so sorry.
Comcast Analyst > I really wanted to help you.
Me> I am NOT here to request a disconnection of THEIR service. I am HERE to request a connection of MY service.

Comcast Analyst > But it is the system we need to follow.
Comcast Analyst > Yes.
Comcast Analyst > I know.
Me> Never mind. Can you connect me to your supervisor?
Comcast Analyst > Sure, that's fine.

Comcast Analyst > I can connect you to a supervisor.
Me> I am waiting
Comcast Analyst > To set an expectations. However, they would tell you the same thing as I do, .

Comcast Analyst > Let me go ahead and connect you to my supervisor.
Me> I understand.
Comcast Analyst > Please stay online.
 Comcast Analyst > Thank you
Comcast Analyst > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Comcast Supervisor > Hello , this is . 's supervisor. 
Comcast Supervisor > How can I help you today?
Me> Hi .
 Me> I have spent close to 30 minutes on chat, only to find out I will have to repeat this process again in 3 weeks

Me> I only want to request a transfer of service to a new address
Me> Could you explain to me why?
Comcast Supervisor > I understand , but for now there is still an active account on your new address and we can only create one account per address. 

Comcast Supervisor > Now if we process your order the account of the current tenant will be disconnected.
 Me> There lies my confusion. Why does an account need to be created NOW when I do not request a transfer to happen until a future date?

Comcast Supervisor > We would love to create your account today and not have you go through the process again in 3 weeks, but we also dont want you to have complications during the installation due to the current tenants account still being active.

Me> How can I just put in a request for transfer for a future known date, so I do not have to spend another hour?

Me> Like PG&E for example?
Comcast Supervisor > The system can only process one account per address
Me> Well I just signed a lease for a move in date of XXXXX.

Me> Then you guys need to improve the system
Me> it is not user friendly
Comcast Supervisor > The processing of the transfer will be very quick and we can definitely hook the services up by the time you move in if you're concerned about the installation date.

Comcast Supervisor > I know how you feel in regards to this .
Me> BUT I will need to login again, chat again, spend 30 minute again. No?
Comcast Supervisor > Yes, you do need to go back to chat and provide the information again.

Comcast Supervisor > After this conversation we will delete your information for your identities protection.
 Me> Tell me a way to just submit the transfer request electronically, once, so I do not have to spend time explaining a valid transfer in a chat

Comcast Supervisor > We only retain customer's information if we have successfully created an account for the customer.

Comcast Supervisor > The only way for us to create your account is for you to call our hotline or chat back.
 Comcast Supervisor > The process fo the transfer in chat will not take more than 15 minutes.
Comcast Supervisor > Its only now that it took us 30 minutes since we are upgrading our system.
Me> Honestly I do not care of the reason, The end user experience is not very satisfactory .

Me> Without wasting more of my time, I would thank you for having spent 40 minutes of my time with no result.

Me> Bye
Comcast Supervisor > I hear you

Comcast Supervisor > Again we do apologize if we cannot create an account for you today.
Comcast Supervisor > Have a good one
Comcast Supervisor > Bye.
Comcast Supervisor > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

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  1. My sincere apologies for the poor experience. I work for Comcast and I would like to help. So that we can address your concerns and expedite the transfer, please contact us provide your information, best contact number and a link to this page as a point of reference.

    Thank you in advance,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations


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