Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Bedroom Flat - A fake story by an Indian Software Engineer?

This is a critique on the anonymously written story titled


Very good 'story' with a great moral. But that is all it appears to be. I have seen it float on the Internet so many times now, that I would love to meet the original author and have a factual reality check with what is written here. There are flaws that point to the fact that it was written with a biased perspective as if to justify what this person could not achieve. To name a few:

[1] A person who is aiming to save to return back will not eat out everyday, be it McDonald's or even a Pizza kitchen. He/she will cook frequently at home.

[2] Someone saving to return back home will refrain from going to discos regularly. If they did, they deserve what they see as end.

[3] I see no quest for intellect or knowledge in the author. Sounds like a sub-optimal professional whose only aim is to make money.

[4] To get only 10 days 'holidays'? Who get 'holidays' for personal reasons? Those are called 'vacations'. And I do not know a single person who did not get enough time to bond with their family at such an important occasion. If he truly wanted to, he could have quit the job, and went back permanently. No? I doubt if the author even has worked in a global environment, let alone a western company.

[5] "I was forced to select one candidate". What the hell is he picking? Cherries? Vegetables? And who is forcing him? The society? The neighbors?

[6] Who can get a visa approved for spouse within 10 days?

[7] If your savings start diminishing just on calling cards, you are probably not in the right profession. Then yes, it is NOT worth for you to stay abroad and away from your family. Better return back.

[8] "Part work part monetary conditions prevented it." Hmm. Again a helpless professional who was 'forced' to value money more than the parents.

[9] He had to return to USA because he could not buy a property in India, so he rather chose to stay renting in an expensive environment. But there is no concern about kids education etc. Hmmm.

[10] The author is not happy with the cable TV and how it has ruined the kids. BUT this is in India. So where does he want to be now? NOT India? How does him staying abroad bring Cable to India?

In short: every new endeavor, attempting something different, traveling a path not taken before, will bring discomforts. But that is what pioneers do. That is what braves do. The pains and the sufferings are surely there, but they are side effects that you can minimize - IF you take control of your life. There are those that love their wells and ponds. And then there are those who dare to jump out, and see what is around the block. Someone who sounds so helpless and so vulnerable as if they had nothing to do with whatever happened in this story, I call them fake (and if the author of this story is not fake, I challenge them to counter the facts I pointed at above). They seem to be writing about something that they have never experienced themselves. And I am not even referring to the C grade literary composition skills that are manifested in this story.

So hail to social media that runs more on emotions, and less on facts and ownership. Way to go educated engineers of India!

(This critique has nothing to do with anyone who publishes it, but has everything to do with those who publish it without an author's name on it. I also have a pet peeve against mis-represented emotional media with no accountable authorship.)


  1. Very well said Prash......I do respect our parents, family, values and ethics but do not agree with the one bedroom flat story.....

  2. Hi Mr....You are good at your Point....

    But, You are yet to understand Indian thought process...

    A true Indian should clean their mind....by reading these types of stories (evenif not a fact).

    Today in a society, where everyday is becoming more materialistic....this type of moral story will help them.

    I have seen how many parents of educated child are getting suffered. Hardly they understand these emotions. If an author is trying to bring some emotions, even though taking the help of some stories, where lies the wrong.

    I think these types of stories are dedicated to all those ailing parents.

    Today, you can can't clean their mind neither through Law nor through court.

    For eradicating any Bad thoughts, Court,Police or Laws are not even fullproof. When somebody thinks wrong, he commits a mistake. After a regular thought process, he creates some wrong action. Out of 99%, Court could able to prosecute hardly 1%. Hence, to clean something from mind these types of moral story is required in a society & Indian are best in that.

    I will advise you....Better read some Ramayan & Mahabharat ....Be an Indian.

    For details, you may mail me to bharatnirmanfoundation@yahoo.com


  3. Nice and Interesting story posted..Thanks for being so kind

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