Sunday, April 25, 2010

[IPL Finals] Yes. Each one of 'You' is a Super King!

Call it a flick, lucky, or whatever the heck kind of moment you want to call it. But the truth is: Chennai Super Kings are now IPL 2010 Champions. All the excuses (Tendulkar unfit, Pollard's batting order changed, etc. etc.) cannot and will not change the outcome of the match.

It was a good match. One team won, the other lost. Hero of the millions (Little Master Blaster) lived his reputation, a not as famous sportsman (Raina) saw opportunities, and squeezed them.

Everyone put in their part. But in the end, it's a game of numbers, seconds, and mistakes. No rocket science there. The take away: great players may sometimes define the outcome of a team sport, but they always - and I repeat - ALWAYS make a good game.

So let's celebrate the victory of a sport. The victory of all the street cricketers who diligently make way for oncoming scooters by running off to the pavement with the stumps. The victory of all the chai and paan-wallahs who volunteer to put a TV screen for the masses. The victory of all the mommies who walk in the living room with half mended dough balls or half cut bhindis because they cannot focus on fixing dinner as their favorite player is hitting two consecutive sixes.

Let's celebrate Cricket. Go Cricket. Go India!

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