Saturday, March 6, 2010

The movie Avatar and the critics

This is my response to the ongoing debate on PBS's FaceBook page about Avatar (2009), the latest movie by James Cameron:

"Guys, there's no point arguing over a subjective topic. There are people that like true to the core realistic movies. Then there are those who like a bit of fantasy touch to the screen. We are all different, with unique personas and tastes. It's ok to express one's preferences, but it's not ok to disrespect other's. Pen it down for your own beliefs, generalizing that to masses is being unwise and ignorant.

Let's not forget that this movie is the biggest grosser ever. If no-one liked it, would that still be true? And how many of you remember Final Fantasy the movie? It had spectacular CG, but a dead story. Why did that one not create waves?

But then again, for everything innovative, there are always doubting heads. They were there when talkies first came out, they were there when television was invented, they were there when movies grew into colors, and they are here, too. It's a part of evolution, so go ahead, criticize it all you want. That is what will birth great things - if not this one, the next one surely!:)"


  1. I loved this Movie!! I hope it takes the oscar

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