Friday, August 22, 2008

My name is Bolt...

So this story begins something like this: in a line up of some of the world's best athletes, there stands a seemingly timid tall human form, making strange signs with his hands, almost suggesting a confidence that would pinch many a spectators.

Then the gun struck 'go' and all 8 of them shot out like bullets. Some 10 meters before the finish line, a face proudly looks to his left, then to his right.. re affirming there was no one in his wingspan... then he nonchalantly breezes through the finish streak.

And thats when he makes a bow and an arrow in the air with his long hands, and shoots an imaginary arrow up towards the crowd. Make no mistakes.. this gesture was equalling the roar of a king lion after it fells the most dangerous beast.

And a star is born.

What boisterousness, what fervor!

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