Friday, October 26, 2007

Vista sucks!

I was very happy when I finally returned a Dell Inspiron E1405 and got me an HP dvt6000 with all the niceties.. the only glitch, it was only offered with Vista OS. I thought I could live with it...but see what Microsoft lived upto:

- within a week, I saw it was using 500-600MB memory just for itself, no other processes. I stripped down all the nice borders etc... bye bye Vista!!

- the windows explorer would crash all of a sudden, even when I am not doing anything, closing down all windows browser sessions. Aaaaaaargh!!!

- it would not let me save documents from a webpage, no error, just wouldnt plain allow it!

- heres another one for you: how much time did it take you to figure out which end of a column header you need to grab, and move, to change column width here:

I am so fed up with Vista, and Microsoft. I am seriously considering going to MacOS, or Linux for that matter.
If you are hearing this, you raised a sucky company Mr Gates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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