Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Preview: Nikon D5000

Today, Nikon Europe announced Nikon D5000: the first Nikon DSLR with a swivel LCD screen. (It is also available on Amazon now).

It seems to inherit most of the features of the Nikon D90, EXCEPT the weight, pentaprism (D5K has a pentamirror it seems), the second command dial, ability to add a secondary battery pack, and the in-body focus drive for lenses that lack focus motors.

There seem to be some improvements too though:

- Swivel LCD
- Live view subject tracking
- 3 video modes
- 2 more options for in camera post-processing
- 19 automatic scene controls

We will see how it matches with other models and the Canon's recently announced T1i. I will add a preview of this camera here soon, do keep watching this blog!

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