Sunday, March 1, 2009

The zoo trip with a D90 and a 70-300mm VR

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  1. Nice pics!

    Did you ever solve the hot pixel issue with the D90? I've had 2 cameras and both developed hot pixels at ISO 250+ at any shutter speed :-(

  2. Hi, Michael,

    I have a 3rd body that still has a hot pixel to the bottom left of the sensor, visible at ISO 800+. I have stopped worrying about it now and dont look for it. I would say just enjoy the camera. It seems to be an issue with the Nikon's quality control.. or perhaps it will cost them too much to guarantee a 100% perfect sensor.

    No camera is perfect.. but D90 is darn close to one. So just have fun! And if you shoot in NEF (RAW) format, Adobe Lightroom can map them out anyways. Plus I usually look at full blown images anyways.. I do not need to print them.

    Good luck!


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