Monday, February 16, 2009

Nikon D90 Low light images

We just got back from the California Disneyland.

I got so many keepers. But I was most surprised by D90's performance in low light. We were in this show about Aladdin. The stage was only partially and intermittently lit, and we were sitting in the balcony. I couldnt use the 50mm 1.8 since I needed to zoom in. So all these pics are from the 18-105mm at f/5.6 I believe at max zoom with VR ON and very high ISOs.. between 2800 and 3200. The complete collection can be found here if you are interested.

Most of these are 100% crops since the zoom reach was not enough to get to individual characters so I had to crop them. To my relatively inexperienced eyes, these look like decently noise-suppressed images.


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