Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Once you go (Nikon) you dont go back!

I had never thought this would happen to me. I have always been a proponent of good skills and not just the tools.

But the moment I tried this Nikon D90, I knew I had been bitten. I even tried a more expensive Canon 50d for a while after that... but I HAD to go back to Nikon. So now, after 4 camera bodies, I am at peace with a D90. It produces colors and textures that dont need any post-processing to evoke the critic in me. I love them as they are.

You did it Nikon.


  1. I very much appreciate your blog - thank you for sharing your thoughts, photos and experiences with photography, notably with the D90 - it's very helpful to read through!
    When I opened my D90 and started using it with the kit lens (18-105mm) I was immediately impressed with the quality of the photos - and like you said - no post processing required. While my Olympus takes beautiful photos with the 4/3 system, I seem to always have to tweak the contrast to get rid of the very slight, but noticeable haze. Not so with the D90 - this is my kind of camera!
    I wrote on your blog page about the stuck pixel problem earlier. I have just returned my 2nd D-90 to the store, and this time I requested a full refund which I was given. I'm very disappointed, but will not give up.... I will try purchasing another D90 from another retailer and hope that the next one had a better quality control before it was shipped out!
    What did you end up doing? Did you send your D90 in to Nikon for Pixel Remapping, or did you just keep exchanging it and finally get a "good" one?
    I realize these comments are older, but just in case you're keeping up, thanks for reading...I appreciate your input.

  2. Lisette: I chose to keep the third unit I received. Yes there are a few hot pixels, but I have learnt to ignore them. If they interfere with the main image theme (rarely), I clone them out in post processing.

    I am happy with my camera. Hope you will be too.

    Good luck!


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