Thursday, July 31, 2008

AT and T: Cheaters!!

This is my second wireless service provider (ATT). I got really fed up with Sprint 2 years ago when I decided to switch to Cingular in June 2006. We were really excited with Cingular's service... until... ATT merged with them.

It was not until I got a bill for $451.00 today for cellphone use, that I realised they started charging for incoming calls too. We have a FamilyTalk plan, with 700 anytime minutes and the standard unlimited nights and weekends. Until last month, we never saw any charge for incoming calls, even if we went over the allowed minutes. I looked online, and people say ATT is known to charge for incoming calls !

I am still awaiting a response from the customer service, to have them explain why all of a sudden they removed a feature from my plan without informing me. I am not letting this go by, enough is enough!

Regardless of what happens with this incident, guess what, ATT, our contract is over. So I am switching my carriers baby!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ok ATnT customer service got back to me. They promised to slash the overage bill by half. However, they let me kow that although the contract is over, if I cancel the contract now, it will cost me A dollars. Guess how much A dollars it will be: 3 dollars more than what they are refunding! Do you think it is a co-incidence the refund amount is almost equal to the penalty fee, eh? :-)


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