Saturday, February 2, 2008

Namaskar..Air India, welcome, BlueDart!

Want to e-checkin an international flight?
- Sorry. You cannot do that yet with AirIndia.

Want to reschedule your tickets?
- Sir, the ticketing agent cannot logon to the server yet. It is busy.
Want to reschedule your tickets (and are trying another cust service number)?
- Sorry, the ticketing agent just hung up on you after asking you to stay on the line.

Want to see your booking status?
- Sorry. The system is busy (always):

Want to get help from service counter people at AirIndia's Bangalore office?
- Sorry. Sir have been gone for a tea break for past 2 hours.

Want to fly at the cost of BritishAirways, digesting rude looks and comments from the flight staff, and eating what you didnt order, and miss your connection?
- Sure. Welcome to AirIndia!!


Welcome, BlueDart. How may I help you?
- Hi. I have been waiting for a priority consignment for past 2 days. The waybill# is #########. When I track online, it says the address is incorrect, hence misrouted. Nobody called me, even though you have my phone contact. Can I know where my shipment is?
-- Sure sir. Please hold for a moment. (after a minute) Sir, your shipment has been misrouted to ?????? because of incorrect pin code.
- Well yes I know that. My question is, how can I get it now? I can correct the address (which should be correct the first place).
-- Sure sir. Please hold for a minute (...)

(after ... 12 minutes of holding and address correction)

- Well can I come and collect them right now at yout office?
-- Sure sir. Heres the address: ?????
- Ok I will be there in an hour.

(after 5 minutes, I call to confirm their address)
- Hi, I just need your address. I am coming to collect the shipment.
-- Well sir you cannot come and collect here. For security purposes, we will only deliver at your home.
- And when will that be?
-- On Monday.
- And what if I need them urgently?
-- I cannot help you sir. Thank you for calling BlueDart.

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