Friday, December 14, 2007

The One remains...

Last weekend, on our way back from the Muir Woods national park, we stopped in downtown San Francisco to have dinner at Chevy's. It was a busy street where we parked (Polk and Golden Gate). When we came back, the dessert that we denied at the restaurant was awaiting us at the parking spot: somebody had broken into our car!

There were glasses all over...and the 'gentleman/woman' didnt even spare loose change. I guess he/she saw the windshield attachment for the TomTom, and broke in slurping for the device.. fortunately we had taken the actual device with us, and all that the visitor could take was a charger, and the windshield hook.

This incident had me claim a loss for the first time to GEICO. And was I surprised at their service! They let me claim online the same night, and before the next evening, a technician was fixing the glass at my work place parking. Kudos!!

Long story short, 'The ONE remains..'. Try again, you sucker:-)

Starbucks bites Mississippi State too.

Just saw in the alumni newsletter. Starbucks has marked its presence at the Mississippi State's student union center:

See the video here.

Well, thankfully there are other good things in the seam. A new auditorium, an outdoor amphitheater, a convenience store, a ballroom, a 'dawg' room, an art gallery, a cultural diversity center, etc.

Go Dawgs!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

And then there was One ...

I love driving. But I hate getting lost. Do you see the conflict here? :-) Google Maps is great.. as long as you remember to get and print the directions.. and even then I have managed to miss cross streets.. mostly because the street signs are hidden behind a tree, or angled so that an oncoming driver can only find them if (s)he was walking and not driving... and imagine missing turns in a city chaos during rush hour where a good number of them are on 1-way streets!!

But God heard me, and sent this angel over: the 'One' from TomTom. Yessir. Its the name of a GPS device, that is as smooth as the diamonds on any NBA star.. it tells you to turn exactly when you need to, in an accent of your choice.

We took it out for a testride yesterday.. purposefully missing turns...getting lost in the small streets of San Mateo. It never took more than 2 seconds to re-calculate the route.

Loving it, heres the details if you would like an assistant on the go:

TomTom One 3rd Edition official website

Happy driving!!!